Unity Christ Church of Bon Air

Completed 2013

Unity Christ Church of Bon Air is a new structure carefully situated in the heart of Bon Air that offers a unique relationship between the church and the gardens tucked into their forested lost. The church is unique for its blending of efficient, respectful form and its blending of lodge style timber elements with corporate worship space in a way unlike anything done in Richmond, Virginia.

Unity White Model Render

Before and After - Unity Presentation Render and Realized Building

The Before Shot 

The Building Going Up Behind the House

The After Shot With the House Demolished

Its important to us as coordinators to allow clients a seamless transition from old to new. In the case of this church, they were able to continue to meet in their existing house as the majority of the new church was built directly behind it. The new building was deemed safe and given a temporary C.O. which allowed the house to come down and the church to move into their new building during the course of one week. After the house went down, all that was left to build was the front foyer and portico. The construction finished behind a temporary wall and allowed a completely seamless transition for the client.


The windows off of the main sanctuary connect the occupants with the extensive gardens and paths behind the property. The dormer profile extends into the vaulted ceiling creating visual drama and accentuates the view.